In The Beginning…

there was the Test Post. Generally the most dull post in an entire blog’s catalogue.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be using this blog for – perhaps just a place to keep a record of my forays into digital literacy. Perhaps just so I can say ‘of course I blog about teaching!’ when I go to ICT PDs and meet ups. I know that having a blog is a great way to extend a friendship network – I’ve been blogging since 1999 (dear god, when I write that I realise that my first blog, which I still regularly use, could almost have a driver’s license by now), have developed friendships all over the world and a deep comfort with putting my thoughts into type. I’m hoping an education blog will extend my PLN and expose me to NS*.

This ease with long format internet communication (I will always resent Facebook for drawing my friends away from their midnight heartfelt rambles on their blogs) and my recent excitement about ICT integration in the classroom means an edublog seemed a good direction to head in. Plus Twitter was recommended and it really does my head in. I mean, who can communicate anything of value in 140 characters? Links to articles are great, but trying to get useful ideas and discussion out of people in an hour’s scheduled chat always makes me feel like I am running a race in the dark – always rushing to keep up and missing half of what’s going on and getting quite lost. I think I’ll save a proper rant discussion about Twitter for another post. Really though, it boils down to me not knowing what I’m doing. To this end I’ve offered to host a ClassDojo (great behaviour monitoring app – and free! Get on it!) meet up in Melbourne on the 30th of July. Hopefully at least 3 people turn up and they know more about ICT than me.

Anyhoo, this is me. A 39 year old, Grade 5 teacher at a middle class school in a leafy inner eastern Melbourne suburb. I’m looking to connect and share ideas. I plan to post about the things I’m learning. It’ll mostly be ICT, Literacy and Numeracy. Some rants, some lightbulb moments, some funny stuff kids say. So before I sign off, here’s an example from just this week.

The RSPCA will be thrilled!

I can’t believe this has never occurred to me as a fund-raising possibility.


*New Stuff. How annoying are acronyms? I hate having to break out of articles 20 times just to find out what a PBIS or GAFE is/are. There, now you’ll have to do it too. See? Annoying!